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"I decided to have a hair transplant as my hair was thinning and receeding at the front. I wasn't sure which procedure was most suitable for me, but Dr Kienecker discussed all of the options and offered advice based on my type of hair loss which really helped. I was very nervous on the day of the transplant, but Dr Kienecker and his team helped me to feel at ease. The procedure itself was completely painfree as they numbed the whole area, and they kept me informed about what they were doing at all times. Transplanting the hair took a while, but I was so relaxed during the surgery that I almost fell asleep! When they were finished, I was a little concerned as I had to travel a distance and did not live local to the clinic, But Dr Kienecker and Sabrina discussed the aftercare and reassured me that I could contact them with any queries or concerns. They even gave me a cap for the train journey! I spoke to Sabrina a couple of days later, and she went through any concerns that I may have which to my surprise were none! I had a little bit of swelling, but that went down within a couple of days. I went back to work five days later, and luckily my hair just covered the transplant which Dr Kienecker had reassured me about on the day. No one noticed, which was such a relief for me as I had only told a couple of close friends and family. I had to go back two weeks later to have the sutures removed. Sabrina did this for me, and although there was a little discomfort, it was no where near as painful as I thought it would be. She then checked that everything was healing well and gave me further advice on how to treat the transplanted area now that the transplanted hairs were going into their 'dormant' phase. Its now been three weeks since the procedure and I forget that i've had it done. There's a little numbness on my head which is normal, and some hair which Dr Kinecker had to shave is growing back but again its not noticeable. I have to wait a couple of months for the transplant to grow through, but I can see already the benefit i'm going to have. I may have to have a further transplant in the future, but following my experience I definitely won't be worrying about having it done at Dr Kieneckers clinic. Dr Kinecker, Sabrina and team were fantastic, and I would recommend them to anyone considering a hair transplant. Thank you all so much again, and see you in a few months for the next set of pictures."
Rob Hayward

"Hope all is well with you. I came to see you in the summer for an 8 month post op review as I was a little concerned about the results. I just wanted to drop you a message (as you popped up on my fb connections) and let you know that things have progressed quite a bit since then. I'm pretty happy with the way it's starting to look and hopefully it still has some more to grow. I will probably get in touch mid next year if I feel that it needs a little more work. Thanks again for your great work. Have a great Xmas."


Martin Hemmings

"I recommend Dr. Ulf Kienecker as a professional highly skilled hair transplant surgeon. I have found him to be a dedicated competent and compassionate physician. Dr. Ulf Kienecker's expertise and extensive knowledge in the field of hair restoration is nothing short of remarkable providing the best service to his patients."


Mandy Baldwin

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